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and is dedicated to my love of building with bricks.

It all began in 1976 when my parents brought home my first Lego set: #585 Police Headquarters which is pictured below. This set is so old that the little men don't even have articulated arms and legs yet and their faces are blank. Nevertheless, I was hooked and I amassed quite a collection of mostly Space sets and then I fell into my "Dark Ages" (an adult Lego community term which means that you no longer felt that building with Lego bricks was "cool").

About fifteen years ago, while browsing the shelves of a local toy consignment shop, I saw that they sold bags of used Lego at a good price. I bought several and my love for the brick bloomed again! Now I stop by the store so often that all the employees know me by name!

As the years have passed my collection has greatly expanded (it's great to be an adult with a "child's" hobby because you can almost always buy what you want, when you want!). On the internet I discovered the international community of Lugnet as well as a local club, Baylug (Bay Area Lego Users Group), where I met other adult fans of Lego like myself.

How much has my collection grown? Check out my Lego room!

The hanging doors for the closet have been removed and the space is filled with lots of IRIS shelving, probably the best modular storage system for Lego collectors. At first it was only the closet space, but slowly and surely more shelves creeped out along the wall!

Some AMAZING finds from yesteryear!

MISB #6079 Dark Forest Fortress

MISB #6042 Dungeon Hunters

MIB #6071 Forestmen's Crossing

Possibly my first MOC!

I just recently was able to have some old slides scanned and discovered among them this lovely time capsule. When I saw it, I actually remembered it! The slide is dated July 1979, so I was ten years old. Little did I know how much more complex things would get!


Making of a luxury space yacht

My last MOC, never completed

Asymmetron Patrol Craft (from this diorama)

Octan "Skywriter" Pace Car - 4TH OF JULY Special

Black Fantasy ATTACK! @ Remote Transmission Station #5

Cloud Car Alternates

Space Police I - Redux!

Carl "The Cobbler" Clotchkins' JL-79 Cargo Hauler

Thoraxians - Worker Ant

LL 924 Variants

The BuzzHawk

A nice pair

Extreme Terrain Rover + extra Rover!

Space Police I - Total Security Platform

Super Galaxy Explorer

Inter-City Bus

Pumpkin Flier

Tronabee Mech

Znap Zoomer + Surprise model!

Cloud Cruiser

Alpha Team Fighter

Life On Mars Pastel Fighter

Space Police II Prison Entry Station

Space Police II Prison Train

Futuron II: A complete theme

Giant Lobster

Moonbase Module Aquazone-Style!

Gunstar from "The Last Starfighter"

The Genesis of a Gunstar

U.E.C. "StarWing" Fighter

U.E.C. "StarWing" General's Command Shuttle

U.E.C. "StarWing" Shadow Elite Fighter

#6989 Mega-Core Magnetizer


#6989 in Blacktron colors

Red & Green Widow

X-1 Experimental Saucer (Space Jellyfish)

Space Shuttle Launch Pad

Full Scale Props & Sculptures

Kane's tummy trouble

The E.O.N. - one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy!

Feram's Leech

U.E.C. "Space Eagle" Personal Defense Weapon

Alpha Team Goggles


A Halloween Pumpkin with flashing flames!

The Base of the Cliff Wall

Black Falcon's Outpost



Corpseville: House of Ill Repute & General Store

Sacrificial Altar

Mayan Temple

The Burning Hells

The Burning Hells reborn and the Lair of Droctiliath

Simmons Castle

Islander Tree Fortress

Three-masted Black Seas Barracuda

Tiki Altar

My MOC's at Baylug meetings

This page is a collection of pictures taken by other members of my club. Right now there are only pictures by Russell Clark, but I hope to add more as I find them!

Odds & Ends

This page is a mini-potpourri of all the previous sections. There's quite a wonky mix of things here, everything from landing gear designs, robots, wizards and feelthy bricks!

The Refocusing of Lego by Lou Zucaro

This page contains one of the most brilliantly composed posts on the future of the Lego company that I've ever read. I've presented it here along with some photographs to illustrate the author's many very intelligent points. Unfortunately, his requests were never fulfulled, but his words are a very nice evocation of what could have been.>/H3>

The Reinvention of Lego by David Simmons

In a way, this page is my update to Lou's essay, only with an angrier bent. Suffice to say that my opinion of the Lego company has not improved with the passing of time, and the future looks pretty bley.

Operation Desert Storm

After many years I've finally managed to present all the slide photographs that I took while I was in the Persian Gulf. Many thanks to my brother-in-law, Gary DiGiovanni for scanning them all!

Questions? Comments? Kudos? Contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

Final update: February 21st, 2011

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