David Glenn Simmons

Character demo

I have studied with Taylor Korobow, director of the Voice Factory and with private voice coach David Rosenthal, staff member of Kids On Camera.

Other samples for your listening pleasure:

Dan Aykroyd as Richard Nixon

George & Martha from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

SpongeBob Squarepants vs. DoodleBob

Jim Backus wants BOOZE!

Stimpy & Sven Hoek - Band-Aids

Godfather - Give it to Clemenza

Stewie vamps for the mirror

I am your father!

Yoda - Let's eat

Folsom Prison Blues (with CD backup)

Nancy with the Laughing Face (a cappella)

Lost and Lookin' (a cappella)

To celebrate the first Kickstarter goal being reached for the dungeon simulation game "War for the Overworld", I wrote and recorded an audio tribute and encouragement for further contributions so that my favorite PG game voice actor Richard Ridings can return and once again provide his superlative talents!

Welcome back, Keeper!

Even though I'm no longer active in the Lego hobby, my website for my creations can be found here:

www.xenobuzz.com archive